The work of Robert de Jager Architects is characterised by diverse approaches to the resolution of site-specific design challenges. Spatial inventiveness is combined with a discerning sense for material qualities, an aspect that sets Robert de Jager Architects apart.

“Robert has a tremendous sense of space planning and it really made the difference in fulfilling the potential of the home.”
Irma McPherson, client, House Teare.

“…the house and cottage are absolute gems in their execution. Each detail testifies to a designer who is both very sensitive but also understands the making of things. The panel was impressed by the use of materials, in particular the timber. In today’s rushed world and with the obsession of cost, this is a unique piece of work that will survive the passage of time. Both client and architect should be commended for this finely crafted house.”
Cape Institute of Architects (CIFA) 2001 Citation Award of Merit – House Raynham

“It is obvious that architect Robert de Jager and his client were on the same page from the start. The design went through its evolutionary process and resulted in a building where everything feels just right…Inside, spatial and functional efficiency was maximised. Circulation space was kept to a minimum, so this relatively small house feels roomy and unconstrained. Spatially and architecturally, the house is free from superfluous elements. There are no nonsensical stylistic references – the pragmatism and care with with it has been designed and built are the means of architectural expression. This is where the poetry of the building comes into play. Every aspect of the structure displays the hallmark of a talented, responsible architect with an impressive depth of knowledge of the broad field of architectural culture. Sometimes the temptation exists to make predictions about a building’s future role in history. Looking to those houses and other buildings that have played a role in defining our collective architectural history in South Africa, one would like to think that this home might just be the subject of one of the chapters in this story.”
Professor Paul Kotze, “Pure Poetry”, Visi Decor No.89, Apr/May 2017, New Media Publishing Pty (Ltd), South Africa.

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